Fashion Designer Highlight: Johanna Beukema

Amy Parsons- Contributing Writer

She can be found bar-tending at Gallagher’s Pub Club & Grill at nights and on weekends, but how does Johanna Beukema pass her time throughout the week?
She’s a hard-working Fashion Design student here at Oneonta. Beukema arrived on campus as a sophomore and knew fashion design was her calling as she has always been an artist. In the Spring 2013 semester, Beukema designed for her first fashion show where she won first place in the freshman/sophomore division. In this past Spring 2014 semester, she placed third with her girly bohemian designs.
What inspires Beukema’s prized designs? She finds that the neutral color palette of the outdoors aids her in envisioning garments. Along with neutral colors, patterns such as the crazy prints in some Dolce and Gabbana pieces, are what inspire Beukema. Her designs cannot be pinpointed to one style, for she is open to variety and generally loves out-of-the-ordinary styles. Beukema mixes hippie, punk, preppy and girly styles and finds the texture of fabric to be extremely important when starting a garment.
Beukema is a true advocate for beautiful but comfortable, ready-to-wear clothing. “I want to be able to twerk in what I wear,” she jokes. Her passion for design and comfort in clothing has led her to apply for internships at Free People and Urban Outfitters for the upcoming Spring 2015 semester. Afterwards, she hopes to obtain a job through her connections. Following her success here at Oneonta, Beukema and her creativity are sure to thrive in the fashion industry.

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