Finding Music Taste in College

Pat Boody, Staff Writer

Music is vital in the lives of most college students. The genres students listen to today are endless. College is always considered a period of self-discovery, yet many do not consider it to be a time of musical discovery as well. Tastes are ever changing, new music is always being stumbled upon and college is a place where this is constantly developing.
Oneonta has a solid music scene, this can be strongly attributed to the popularity of the music industry program and to plenty of students who listen to music for their own purposes. Recommendations from friends, websites, Spotify, iTunes and Pandora all assist in uncovering musical talent you may not have heard before.
Junior Chris Huber says, “My pallet has expanded from my peers and professors, but most notably my old piano instructor from Oswego, Rob Auler. He has had a significant influence on my taste for classical music and truthfully enabled me to pay even closer attention to detail in music.”
Senior Manny Alban commented that a major factor in helping his musical tastes grow even further was being in an area that is located in the top 40 hip-hop and reggaeton regions of the world. This is especially significant to Alban considering he is a DJ. Alban’s love for hip-hop stayed true in college, but in order to please the crowds he was playing for, he altered his style to cater to their tastes. Alban is quoted saying, “Oneonta is a melting pot of musical genres and tastes. I’ve noticed a lot of people here are obviously into the EDM scene but also other genres like country. Because of this, I’ve added EDM/hip-hop mixes into what I play in order to keep the crowd satisfied.” Manny is also noted saying that being a Music Industry major himself, he would often attend live performances downtown at places like The Black Oak to support the local scene and to support friends he’s made while being a member of the Music Industry Club.
While at college, you begin to mold a future for yourself. Countless aspects make up this path you begin to take, but an imperative part that college students share is a liking for music.
In a time where everyone truly begins to find themselves, music certainly plays a tremendous role in doing so. The tastes you develop in college tend to stay with you for quite some time. Many people end up finding artists that supply the music that will be intertwined with great memories of their college years.

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