Throwing the Best BBQ

Pat Boody- Staff Writer

With warmer weather and summer rapidly approaching, people are beginning to spend more time outdoors. Whether playing a sport, walking your dog or cruising on a longboard, an essential portion of your day should be the food you eat. Just as the rise in temperature and outdoor activities are being warmly welcomed, so are barbeques. The delectable smell of your favorite cut of meat on the grill and hanging with friends is almost a weekend ritual at this point, but what else should be included to make your barbeque stand out amongst the many you will attend this summer season?
To start off, you’ll want to have some great options to choose from in terms of food. Although you’re on a college budget, maybe you should avoid that Walmart steak no matter how many times they promise its high quality on the commercials. You not only want quality, but diversity is necessary as well. Know your guests and know what they like; special dietary needs and preferences need to be paid close attention to. Grilling should definitely be the primary form of cooking at your barbeque, but if you don’t have a grill at your house, you can always purchase premade food. Brooks BBQ is always an option when you don’t have the means to make your own food and is reasonably priced. You may even choose to have friends bring along dishes of their choice as well to add to the feast.
Entertainment is definitely an imperative aspect to any barbeque. Some excellent games to play on a budget are Kan-Jam, wiffle-ball or volleyball. Plastic cups and ping-pong balls are always important to keep around since playing drinking games is an entertainment that will never get old, especially outdoors on a nice day. Favorite music suggestions include: Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead and Phish, cranked up on speakers loud enough to be heard over a rowdy crowd.  Another portion to keep in mind is the environment. Tiki torches are an excellent addition to add to the summertime mood and ward off unwanted insects. You can easily pick up a few at Walmart for about $15.00 a torch.  Some neat outdoor lighting will assist in creating the summertime theme as well and can be purchased for a relatively cheap price.
Barbeques are vital to any summer afternoon or evening. Innovativeness is greatly appreciated and noticed at this type of festivity. Make sure to stock up on supplies and have a surplus in case your guest list expands unexpectedly. Overall, barbeques are enjoyed by guests, but if you want to turn your average outdoor party into something memorable, make sure everyone is surrounded by good company, great music and good vibes.


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