Registration Woes

Gemma Pinto- Staff Writer

We’re reaching the end of the semester, so everyone knows what that means: registration time. Yes, unfortunately it’s happening and sooner than you think. Registering for classes is only one of the many stressful moments during college. From planning your perfect schedule to taking any classes that will render you a full-time student, registration is an important aspect of college. It gives us, as students, the freedom to choose our own classes and also the right requirements to be on track for graduation. If you’re freaking out about registration, here are a few helpful tips to keep you cool, calm and collected on your registration date.
1. RESEARCH: Find out the exact time and day you are given to register. Check if your appointment time conflicts with any class time. If your appointment takes place during class, ask your professor if you can bring your laptop to class. Majors allow for early pre-enrollment so if it’s possible, meet with your advisor so you can pre-enroll for the classes you definitely need, that way you’re already locked in for those.
2. PRE-PLAN and PLAN: Prior to registering, look up the required classes for your major or any general education classes. Go through that semester’s open classes and see which ones you want or could take, and write down the CRNs. Create a mock schedule or an idea of what you would want your schedule to look like for that semester. While doing this, you might want to look up professors, just to get an idea about them. One place to look is, where students can freely and anonymously give their opinions on professors. However, these reviews are not always accurate.
3. BACKUP: Be warned: not every student gets their ideal schedule. Write down extra CRNs or back up classes  just in case you get locked out of certain classes and they’re no longer available.
4. DON’T BE PICKY: No one is going to be completely satisfied with their classes, professors or schedule. If there’s a class you need to take and it’s only at 8 a.m., take it. Chances are, there’s someone that would kill to get that class over with.
5. REMAIN CALM: Registration is stressful enough, don’t let your anxiety over classes ruin your day. Remember that students often drop classes, spots open and some professors are willing to sign you into their class, and provide you with an extra seat. There’s always next semester to take that gen-ed, so don’t sweat it.
It takes a while to understand how registration works. Most of it is trial and error, sometimes we even take classes we don’t want or need because there’s nothing else left to take. It’s a rough time for all students, even those lucky enough to register earlier than others. Just remember, you’re not alone in your frustrations. Wishing you the best of luck, let the registration begin!


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