Redefining the College Experience

Pat Boody, Staff Writer

Whenever people discuss going away to school, they back their decision to do so on the desire to attain the college experience. Many believe they have a strong grasp on what this could be; however some of these interpretations may be a little flawed. Becoming belligerently intoxicated, sleeping with as many random people as possible and experimenting with every drug under the sun may be on your to do list at college, but not necessarily everyone’s.

Alcohol consumption is an inevitable part of college and it is something that should be experienced, within its limits. Sure, after a stressful week, it’s definitely okay to go out and have drinks with friends, maybe even get drunk if you’re feeling it. On the contrary, if it gets to the degree where you need to drink to have a good time, maybe your habits should be reconsidered. Drinking is a social outlet and should remain that way, it shouldn’t be an excuse for you to act like a fool in public. Most tend to know how many drinks are too much, and for the sake of your health and your reputation, maybe that point should be avoided. Similar to alcohol, pot is obviously prominent in the college environment. Whether it’s weed or booze, both have their side effects so it’s up to you to pick your poison. Once again though, neither should necessarily be abused.

College is certainly a great place to meet people. Many meet some of their best friends here and some even the person they’ll spend the rest of their life with. With the increasing popularity of hookup culture, society seems to be telling us college isn’t always about meeting a permanent someone. Everyone has their fair share of one-night stands, and interactions of this nature, and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Nevertheless, for the sake of future happiness, that shouldn’t be your only type of exchange with members of the opposite sex. Meeting people is a huge plus wherever you spend your college days, but is it always best to just have sex and never speak again? An extended period of happiness with someone who you really enjoy being with is probably more worthwhile than one quick encounter.

The proper college experience is up to interpretation. You should take it the way you want to, and do what you love with the people you love. Many find this experience to be most attainable when stumbling across Main Street in a drunken stupor or having mindless sex with someone but there are probably better times to be had. To provide oneself with the most memorable, most incredible college experience you need to do things differently- take risks, try new activities and be with people you actually want to spend your time with, and simply have fun. But all should be done while remembering the true reason why you’re here.

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