The Depot: Dining Along the Beaten Tracks

Ali Proctor, Contributing Writer

As most of you living on campus may know, eating dining hall food every day becomes tiresome and bland. Day after day the same deli sandwich or tossed salad becomes torturous to consume. Though resorting to ordering Dominos or some generic Chinese takeout may be your quickest solution, going into town for a meal has proven to be a more rewarding experience. If you are looking to leave campus for a while and want to find a little escape from the rush of Main Street in Oneonta, I suggest checking out The Depot, located at 4 1/2 Railroad Ave. The Depot has been raking in customers since 1972 and is an Oneonta favorite. I stumbled upon The Depot one day when my friends and I were desperate to leave campus for a good hearty meal. None of us had ever been there before so we thought we might as well give it a try. Upon entering we were welcomed by friendly staff and surrounded by a comforting rustic ambiance. The authenticity and history of The Depot is  part of what makes this dining experience so enjoyable.
The Depot has a menu that is sure to please everyone in your dining party. The menu offers a wide variety of choices for those of you craving classic Italian foods, seafood, fresh sandwiches, greasy pub food and all of the in-betweens. I opted for the fettuccini and meatballs and was pleasantly surprised. It was delicious. Not to mention it was a colossal serving (leftovers were a given) for the moderate price of only $11.99; perfect for any college student on a budget. The Depot is notoriously known for their garbage chicken wings. Though no one is quite sure what is in the garbage sauce that makes these wings so delectable, day after day loyal customers keep returning because they just can’t seem to get enough.
I would recommend to all of you newcomers to call ahead and make a reservation before just stopping by unless you would like a gruesome wait with hungry eyes and an empty stomach. I did not get this memo my first time arriving and had to wait a painful forty five minutes as others with reservations scooted past me. I have since learned, and my trips to The Depot have come to be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable times with some close friends over a great meal.

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