Halloween Candy Burner

Brynn SussmanStaff Writer

So you conquered Halloween weekend and you find yourself regretting how much candy and alcohol you consumed. Here’s a quick workout routine that will sweat away your discontent.
All you need is a jump rope and a set of stairs. Start off lightly jogging on some stairs. Next, alternate between one minute of jumping rope (substitute by jumping back and forth over a line if you don’t have a jump rope) with one minute of planks for ten minutes. The five minutes of planks will be a normal plank, side plank, side plank, alternating lifting one foot up and then ending with another normal plank. Jog five more minutes of stairs and finish the workout with another 10 minutes of alternating jump rope with burpees (jump up then down into a push up then back up again—refer to photo on left), squats, lunges, jump squats (squat then jump up as high as you can then back down—refer to photo on right) and ending with a plank. This 20 minute workout wont get in the way of your studying but will have you feeling much better in no-time!

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