Catch Onto Campus Fashion

Gemma Pinto, Staff Writer

The leaves are falling and it’s that time of year again folks-fall! It’s always an awkward transition between what was summer and what is becoming autumn. The weather is getting colder so the real transition lies with keeping warm while still being fashionable. Want to know how to beat the cold and look good? Just look around campus!
One of the most essential items to keep you warm during this season are the proper shoes. On campus, you can find both men and women sporting their warm and cozy moccasins. From beige to black, they’re the perfect on-the-go shoes, stylish enough to dress up your outfit and comfy enough for the day you decide to wear sweatpants. More for footwear, ladies on campus are big on long leather riding boots and short combat boots. To dress these up, wear long boot socks. For the guys, wearing Dr. Martens or lace up high tops will keep you warm throughout the season.
It’s about time to ditch the shorts and the tees. You’ll find many of the students on campus wearing sweats, however, you can get the sweatpants that are skinny leg and still look good on your “bum” day. Harem pants are always a great way to be fashionable and comfy in the cold. Ladies, don’t throw away your dresses or skirts just yet! You can pair your favorite dress or skirt with a pair of colored tights to bring in color for the fall weather. For the men on campus, try different shades of khakis and a pair of corduroy pants.

    What’s an outfit without the right top? Both men and women should try oversized sweaters or knitted cardigans, as you can find a handful of stylish Oneonta kids sporting these tops. Despite the usual reaction, turtlenecks are back in style and are sure to keep out the cold. Pair these tops with infinity scarves or your favorite pashminas as an extra accessory and a way to stay warm.
Beat the cold this season with some of the stylish outfits from your fellow classmates and catch onto the campus fashion!fallfallgirl

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