The Only Bad Workout is the One You Don’t Do…

Kara GarbarinoContributing Writer


Instead of sitting on the couch and dreaming of having the perfect body, get up and start working for it. Many people want to work out, but feel like they just don’t have the time because of classes, homework, clubs, etc. However, there are many quick workouts that you can do every day to get fit. You just need to motivate yourself to make the time to exercise. For motivation put up pictures of what you want to look like around your room and on your fridge, or set goals and then reward yourself when you fulfill them! Try to get up an hour earlier or take a half hour after classes to get a workout in. You’ll feel better and you’ll build up more energy to accomplish all the other tasks you need to complete.

Remember, any type of exercise is better than nothing. Here’s what works for me:
I start off by running on the treadmill or outside for 20 minutes, but if you hate running, walking is good too! After I run, I do an ab workout that only takes around 5 to 7 minutes. This workout consists of:

– 10 sit-ups

– 10 v-sits:

1) Lie down on a flat surface or mat.

2) Start with your legs straight, then come up.

3) Touch your toes, and then let your torso fall back down  

4) Bring your legs up into the air, touching your toes again.

– 10 crunches

– 10 bicycle crunches

– 20 reverse crunches

– 1 minute plank

Repeat the ab workout two or three times. I only workout my abs every other day. For more quick and easy workouts you can easily log on to Youtube and Tumblr and find a variety of routines! If you want to have more fun with it or challenge yourself, there are different DVDs you can buy to workout. For example, Insanity, P90x or Hip Hop Abs are all good choices. Remember to eat healthy along with exercising. If you eat clean and train mean, you’ll get lean!

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