The Baseball Sex Diamond – Play Ball!

Justin Lovell, Sports Editor

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With Leather Uproxx

The Basics :

1st base – Kissing, especially French kissing.

2nd base – Touching breasts or other erogenous zones while clothed.

3rd base – Manual or oral stimulation of genitals.

Home run – “Full” sexual intercourse.

Grand slam – Having a threesome.

Rain delay – Not being able to have sex because a girl has her period.

Swing and a miss for strike three – When a guy keeps hitting a girl up and
keeps getting rejected until finally she blows up and denies him so hard that he has to make the shameful walk back home, just like in the pros.

Advanced Terms:

Hot corner – This position is special. It is when a guy picks the girl up and pins her in the corner against a wall as they have sex, but to make it sporty, baseball caps are required.

Ground Rule Double- When you are about to have sex and are stopped because your partner doesn’t have protection. You could have scored but instead have to settle for a double.

Balk – When a person seems to show sexual interest in you, just to tell you they already have a significant other.

Calling for the bullpen/relief pitcher – Using a vibrator or other sexual toy to reach climax following sex.

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