Welcome to Your Coochie: Sneak Peek

Laura Nayibi Arias, Culture Editor

On Monday March 11, SUNY Oneonta will be be hosting “Welcome to Your Coochie: An Intimate, Multidisciplinary Peek at Female Naughty Bits,” an event designated for the student’s general knowledge of “vagina politics.” From 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Hunt Union Ballroom, check out any of the series of interactive discussions led by experts such as Dr. Bambi Lobdell, Ingrid Husisian from Family Planning of South Central New York and many more.

But if you cannot make it to the event, stay tuned for issue 5 where staff writer Danielle Rennard will capture the essence of what “Welcome to your Coochie” was all about, denoting student responses and critiques, along with an interview with the professor that sparked the idea for it all.


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