Kick it Up A Little

Lacey Yakel, Copy Editor
Personally, I believe that every woman should take some type of self-defense course to ensure her own safety. Such a course can prove to be remarkably beneficial to the lives of all women who choose to take one, especially those who are currently in college. I’ve come up with the top five reasons why I have taken multiple self-defense courses in hopes of encouraging more women, no matter their age, to go and take some sort of self-defense class.

1. For an obvious reason, these courses teach women to protect their personal safety from those who want to cause them physical harm. In addition to this, I’ve learned that I do not need to solely rely on others such as my brothers, boyfriend or guy friends to protect me; I know that I’m not always going to have them at my side. So what would happen if an attacker approaches me while I’m by myself? Fortunately, I can answer this question but for those of you who can’t, perhaps a self-defense course is exactly what you need.

2. The amount of significant knowledge I acquired while taking these courses has had such a large impact on my daily activities and will continue to each and every day. From understanding what predators and attackers generally look for, I have made myself less likely to become a victim or target. Taking a self-defense class provides women with alarming statistics regarding the amount of women who are attacked, while making them aware of what they can do to prevent themselves from being an “easy target.”

3. Confidence is key when it comes to self-defense, which I certainly gained throughout all of the courses I have taken. While learning new skills, I found myself becoming much more comfortable in circumstances such as having to walk from a class across campus back to my dorm in the evening. Let’s face it, you never know who is lurking around the corner or who is creating those shadows; the dark is intimidating. Women who take these courses tend to develop a feeling of empowerment as they find a new sense of control over their own lives and feel much safer than they had beforehand.

4. In addition to possessing new knowledge and a set of skills, self-defense courses provide women with means of staying fit. With all of those elbow strikes and sweep kicks, I was getting an intense, yet educational, workout in a few times a week. Not only did I enjoy the physical activity, but it was a wonderful way to release any built-up stress in an enjoyable and healthy way.

5. Lastly, and quite importantly, any type of self-defense course can turn you into a role model for a variety of people including your friends, family and even the next generation. Not only do women learn how to defend themselves physically, but also verbally, emotionally and spiritually. All of the knowledge, skills and new understandings one acquires while taking self-defense courses can be passed along to others, which will hopefully encourage them to take part in such courses.

I understand that I most likely won’t need to actually use my learned skills from self-defense courses, however, it’s certainly reassuring to know that I have them just in case circumstances call for them. I highly recommend all women to take said courses at some point in their lives, sooner rather than later. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain through learning self-defense. SUNY Oneonta offers a three-credit self-defense class, which I partook in, so improve your life and go for it! And who knows ladies, you might just surprise yourself as much as I did when you discover what you’re capable of doing in these courses.

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