SUCO Funk Band to Perform

Alex Fredkin,Arts Editor

   On February 12, the SUCO Funk band is set to perform their first show of the new semester at the brand new B Side Ballroom. The Funk band used to play in the same building when it was the General Clinton Pub, and after its closing, moved their recurring show- case to the Black Oak Tavern.

   The band’s leader and keyboardist, SUNY Oneonta professor Jeremy Wall, believes the bar/restaurant B- Side Ballroom could be the new home of the Funk shows. “One of the nice things about playing at the B-Side Ballroom is that more people can see and hear the music. This is our first time playing there. We are trying it out and will see how everyone likes it.”

   The band is going to be changing up their set list by “adding a bunch of traditional New Orleans Carnival songs,” as it coincides with Fat Tuesday and the annual tradition of Mardi Gras. Wall thinks this is a fun theme for the event and likes the idea of doing something unique. “In all the time I’ve been here I’ve never heard of anyone doing anything for Mardi Gras.”

   The Funk band is hoping to start the semester off with a fun and fresh take on their shows. If you haven’t been to the B-Side, seen the Funk band or celebrated Mardi Gras before, come down on Fat Tuesday to experience all three of these things at once.

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