Trending Now: Virginities for Sale?

Adam Lis, Columnist

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What does virginity mean to you? Some find virginity to be a turn-on but others find it sacred. While reading Vice Magazine, I came across an article entitled, “How much would you sell your virginity for?” Instantly I was shocked because I didn’t think people were still doing things like that, but I was wrong. The article is more of a Q&A piece, however, it does mention a story of a Brazilian student, Catarina Migliorini, who auctioned her virginity off to a Japanese stranger for $725,715. I wondered, who really pays that much money for sex?

Fox News brings a similar story to us about a 22-year-old girl who auctioned her virginity online and received over ten thousand bids. They suggested that she was, “offering her body to bidders nationwide in an auction that reportedly has netted a $3.7 million offer and the law isn’t doing a thing to stop her. The FBI isn’t interested. The U.S. attorney doesn’t care. Everything is fine by local police, and she isn’t breaking any laws. That’s because Natalie Dylan, a made-up name for a real 22-year-old California college grad, is marketing her maidenhead in Nevada, where prostitution is legal.” The exchange of the young girl’s virginity was held at a brothel in Nevada and according to the state laws, it is completely legal under First Amendment Rights. “It’s a First Amendment issue. You can advertise goods or services that are illegal where they’re advertised but legal where they’re performed,” said Marc Randazza, an attorney specializing in First Amendment law. “What she’s advertising is as legal as toast with the crust cut off where she is.” Dylan sold her virginity to pay for grad school in 2009.

What is leading people to go through such extremes for money?

Continuing with Migliorini’s story, she actually claims that many of the earnings from the auction will go to charity in order to build homes in Brazil. On October 23, the final bid on her virginity was for $780,000. For some virginity is a turn-on, for others something sacred, but for a few it is a business.

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