Student Association Attends Annual SUNY Student Assembly Fall Conference

Colleen Clark, SA Director of Finance

This past weekend the Student Association attended the SUNY Student Assembly Fall Conference in East Syracuse. The conference consists of a business meeting for voting delegates and workshops for non-voting delegates. President Jimmy Johnston and Director of External Affairs John Myron represented our school as voting delegates, with Executive Vice President Jillian Vell, Director of College Operations Liz White and Senator Yasmin Da Silva serving as non-voting delegates.

Within the business meeting, President Johnston and Director Myron passed several bylaw edits, new election procedures, a resolution regarding absences for those volunteering with political campaigns, the SUNY Legislative Agenda and a resolution written by our own Student Association in regards to raising the cap on the Student Activity Fee.

The non-voting delegates completed workshops to obtain the SUNY Student Leadership Institute certificate. These workshops focused on activities for professional and personal development including: diversity, dining etiquette, customer service, organizing clubs, stress and time management.

We would also like to congratulate Alex Lyakhov on receiving the SUNY Emerging Leadership award, which was given to 17 students SUNY wide. Congratulations Alex!

We spoke to many other schools and gained a lot of insight on issues they are experiencing, and realized how fortunate we are to not be facing many of those same problems. If you have any questions feel free to stop by the SA office to talk to us!

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