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Melissa Rosman, Copy Editor

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What is better than starting the fall season with new and alluring women’s accessories? Inspired by the Terracotta Warriors and a love for fashion, Alina Cheung and Yidi Xu released an accessory line entitled “Terracotta New York.” Both of these women worked together as investment bankers at Credit Suisse and familiarized themselves with the world of business. They were inspired to start an accessory line because of their love for accessories and their appreciation of the “underlying simplicity and pattern in menswear.”

The line consists of bow ties, ties and scarves which were all created for women. When asked about the feminine inspiration Cheung said, “You can tell a lot about a man by the type of tie they wear, whether they are serious or more laid back. We thought it would be fun for women to have that option as well.” This line of accessories is extremely versatile and includes fun patterns as well as solid colors. It is appropriate to wear the scarves, bow ties and neckties to a corporate function or to a social event with friends. With their accessories, Cheung and Xu hope to encourage women to express themselves individually and in whatever way they want; as Cheung said, “That’s ultimately what our brand is all about.”

The inspiration behind the line came from the ancient story of the buried Terracotta Warriors that were found in Chinese soil. Each unique in height and design, 8,000 life-sized warriors sculptures were buried to protect the afterlife. The warriors were pastel in color ranging from blues to pinks. Found on the neck of each soldier was a necktie. The line of accessories are found to be similar in color to the colors in clay out of which the soldiers were sculptured. I was able to ask Cheung where the idea of the warriors is evident in their line and she responded, “In addition to encourage individuality, ‘Terracotta New York’ also seeks to promote strength and confidence, qualities most certainly embodied by each solider.”

The company was released online on October 1, 2012, but Cheung and Xu can already tell that their recent sales have attracted a wide range of customers. Cheung said, “We encourage all women to rock a tie, bow tie or elephant print scarf!” However, they have noticed that their bow tie and tie sales have catered towards a working professional and college student population and their scarves fall within a wider range of consumers. “Terracotta New York” is currently an online only company, but Cheung and Xu are hoping to expand channels soon. As for now, Terracotta accessories can be viewed and purchased online at Enhance your collection with these unique women’s accessories!

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