Fashion Tips for Men: “Octobeard” Has Officially Arrived

Adam Lis, Staff Writer

   Welcome to the first installment of the men’s style and fashion guide. For starters, it’s getting pretty cold out these days here in the city of the hills. The look guys usually attempt to go for in the cold seasons is the “laid back lumberjack.” It’s “Octobeard” and following that comes the infamous “No-Shave November.”

   With that being said, you should probably stock up on some flannels and sweatshirts. Some of the best places to get cheap flannels and hoodies that will still look stylish and fit properly are stores such as H&M and Urban Outfitters. Zip-up sweatshirts with white strings and white zippers are very popular nowadays. The look is clean, simple and versatile. You can grab an assortment of colors in this style from H&M for only $20 a hoodie. That is much less than you would pay for a hoodie at the boostore. Flannels are not too expensive either. If you look around you can find them ranging between $25 to $40 depending on the brand and how heavy the material of the shirt is.

   You can keep your head warm and still look stylish in a wide variety of beanies available on the market. A popular trend of the last couple of seasons was the pom-beanies. This style somewhat gives you the “South Park look” but depending on the brand, some of the beanies are quite stylish and cool looking if you can match it with your shirt or shoes. Mitchell & Ness have several new beanies out this season for the NFL with a lot of vintage team logos. The Raiders always seem to be a big seller of the vintage look.

   Not a flannel person? Nothing wrong with that, you can always wear a nice windbreaker or fall jacket; it keeps the athletic look, especially with some nice sweatpants and Air-Max’s or Jordans. Eastern Mountain Sports, or EMS as it’s sometimes referred to, usually has good sales and they offer student discounts from time to time.

   Moving on to the bottom half of the wardrobe, slim jeans are still the style these days. A nice pair of Levis will always keep you looking up to par. Stores like JC Penney’s at Southside Mall will have them in stock. The 501, 511, 514 are the most popular fits available from Levi’s.
Chinos are making a comeback. The khaki pants and boat shoe look has always been popular among the ‘preppy young adult’ community. If you hop over to Pacsun you can grab two pairs for $70; there are different fits and colors so you can mix and match to get that perfect desired look.

   Finishing up with my favorite thing, which is sneakers, or “kicks.” You can never go wrong when you’re wearing a fresh pair of shoes. Like Mac Miller says, “Nikes on my feet keep my cipher complete.” Air Jordans continue to be the biggest seller on the market. The most recent release was the Air Jordan Raptor 7 that came out last month. For all those sneakerheads like me, keep a look out for the Air Jordan Bred 4s and the Air Jordan Thunder 4s set to release next month. Sperry Topsiders are also a shoe that will always look flawless with every outfit. You can pick up a pair from almost anywhere and wear them all year ’round. Snag a couple pairs of thermal socks though if you plan on wearing them in the harsh weather months.

   I hope to see a lot of stylish individuals around campus this fall, and stay tuned for some more style guides in later issues for winter looks and upcoming sneaker releases and top brand sales.
I’ll leave you with some stores to check out if you are looking for a new wardrobe: – Men’s clothing with lots of top brands for decent prices – Popular clothing, lots of things you can’t get anywhere else – Members-only online store, free to sign up, has lots of deals with limited sizes however – Shows the best deals around for popular brand sneakers like Nike Adidas, Jordan Brand, Sebago & Sperry – Online magazine that shows pop culture styles and different style guides – Urban style clothing similar to Against All Odds, has more brands and better deals

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