North Korea Willing to Accept Aid from South Korea

Adam Lis, Staff Writer

   Big news overseas folks! North Korea seeks help from South Korea and the United States. The isolated country is in desperate need of food for their citizens after torrential rains and flooding. According to state media, 170 people have been killed and thousands have been forced out of their homes. If these two countries can reach an agreement then it will be the first time North Korea has accepted aid from its southern neighbor since Kim Jong Un became leader. This would be an impressive breakthrough for both parties after many years of hostile relations. Hopefully for North Korea’s sake the two countries can work out a deal.

   On September 3, the North Korean government told South Korea that they were ready to discuss plans on how much and when the aid would be provided. The South Korean government put out their initial offer and said that they were willing to provide more aid when officials from both countries met face to face. North Korea had rejected the offer claiming that they did not need the aid. North Korea rejected a similar offer from South Korea one year ago claiming that the amount of supplies were “too small” also South Korea halted aid to North Korea nearly two years ago after North Korea shelled a southern island, killing four people; it later provided over 5 million dollars for malnourished children through UNICEF. Even after all this tension there is still hope for some aid to the people of North Korea who are in dire need of it. Let’s just hope that North and South Korea can get on the same page and that the United Nations can help out with that as well.

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