Receive an “A+” in Time Management This Year

Laura Nayibi Arias, Culture Editor

   Do you think you manage your time well?

   Sometimes in college it may be hard to do so. With a social life, a job and a full-time academic schedule, some may lose track of what they have to do. Below are some tips on how you can manage your time better for a successful academic year.

Tip #1: Get a planner. If you do not have a planner and you are attending school, I suggest you purchase one. A smart phone might work, but there is just something about making a “to-do list” and being able to cross off what has already been done that makes me feel accomplished. This is how I get through my academic year. With countless assignments, meetings and events, my planner guides me through each day with its bullet pointed sentences, bolded exclamation marks, and not-so-linear underlines.

Tip #2: Specifically with class work, try to distinguish between the work that is doable and that which requires some extra attention. To me, taking care of the doable work is helpful because I’m able to stay productive and focus on the harder work. This action might also help you gain some confidence to do the harder stuff.

Tip #3: Prioritize. You want to think about what you need to do and what you want to do. Of course this has to do with perception because one might believe that something they want to do is something they need to do; just use your discretion. But remember, they are entirely different.

Tip #4: Do not bite off more than you can chew. Many of the times you may find yourself stressed when you realize that you committed to something you are actually not able to do. Be realistic about your capabilities and the time you have available for things. This will save you a lot of energy and prevent stress.

Tip #5: Finally, try doing things in bolts. This helps especially when the assignments are time consuming because you are able to take breaks between them and other school work you might have. This also allows you to better review your assignments because when continuing to work on them, you would have to read over what you have already completed.

I hope these tips were helpful. If not, try to think of some on your own! Who knows, just thinking of them might help you organize yourself.

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