Mac Miller Entertains Sold Out Crowd at OH-fest7

Alex Fredkin, Staff Writer

   On Sunday, April 29, Mac Miller took to the stage at the Alumni Fieldhouse’s Dewar Arena and brought what SUCO and Hartwick students had been hoping for: an electric concert and a fitting conclusion to OH-fest weekend. Miller was gracious enough to stop by SUNY Oneonta on his Macadelic College Tour, which is nearing its close. He has played in over 20 colleges across the country in just over a month, and will end his tour overseas with dates in the U.K., Belgium and France. Miller talked about his experiences on the road and getting to see different parts of the world he was unaware of. Miller candidly told the State Times: “No disrespect, but like I’m finding out schools exist. I didn’t even know this school existed.”

   Mac Miller now knows about SUNY Oneonta. He had the sold out crowd at Dewar Arena, the first in two years, all jumping in unison as he started his show off with a medley of popular songs such as “Party on Fifth Ave” and “Knock, Knock.” He was bursting with intensity and charisma during the entire show. When asked how he can run around all concert and still manage to rap, he answered with a grin. “I don’t know how I do it. It’s the only time I move all day so it’s where I get out all of my energy.”

   Miller is a consummate performer; even at the young age of 20, he knows how to work an audience. During his performance of “Frick Park Market” he started the song off to loud applause, only to stop it immediately and abruptly. Known for its explicit and blunt opening line, Miller urged the crowd to answer his first statement “My name’s Mac Miller,” with the loudest rendition he has ever heard of “Who the f**k are you!” to which his fans eagerly obliged. The Pittsburgh native then waited until the beat kicked in to coincide with a perfectly-timed jump onto the amplifiers as the bass hit and literally blew the audience’s hair backwards, simultaneously vibrating the entire gymnasium. Miller totally owned the stage and clearly relishes being in the spotlight, displaying his inner rock star. At times he would have the DJ cut out the track so he could rap a capella, showcasing his characteristic style and impressive ability to string long and complicated lyrical lines together.

   In addition to his entertaining antics, his show featured his partner Tree J complementing his verses, as well as blown up mushrooms on stage that alternated colors throughout the show. Above the floor was a video screen which featured many different sequences and often showed his music videos coinciding with their respective songs. It is very telling that Miller showcased his music videos during his concert, as this is the very vehicle that has allowed him to become so popular so quickly. His viral videos garner tens of millions of views online and have allowed simple word-of-mouth and social media marketing to skyrocket Miller to fame. His first full-length album “Blue Slide Park” was the second independently released record in history to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200. When asked if he ever felt the need to join a major label, Miller told the State Times, “I’ll stay indie as long as I can make it. I love my situation right now and there’s no way I would want to change it. When it’s time to move on, it’s time to move on, but I don’t see that coming any time soon.” If he keeps going the way he has I don’t see that time coming soon either. Mac Miller put on an amazing show last Sunday and definitely left his fans satisfied. The sky’s the limit for him and he is paving the way for this generation of hip hop artists in the new millennium.

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