Vintage Style, Never Out of Style

Jorie Cohen, Staff Writer

   In our generation, it seems that you can raid your mother’s closet in order to have the latest trends. Our generation does start new trends; but they never pick up as much as the past does.
I am a huge fan of vintage. Denim jackets, cropped tops, high waist pants – just a few of my go-to pieces. The best thing about this is that I don’t have to go far to find them! Vintage pieces are going somewhere.

   As I was growing up, I loved looking at pictures of my mother as a teenager. I said I always wanted to dress like her. She would joke and say that those pieces are not in fashion anymore. Little did she know that her major problem – never being able to get rid of clothes – was a great plus for me. Her clothing was passed down to me and will continue to be worn.

   It’s not that these pieces are necessarily trendy, it’s that they’re classic. Some of the most popular styles now are taken from the past. Bell bottoms look like they’ll be staying for a little while, denim jackets and vests are making a comeback, leather jackets are definitely not going anywhere and the typical American Apparel look seems like it will be a go-to for ages.

   Bell bottom jeans are a fad that might go out of style sometime soon. I love the way high waist wide leg jeans look great and flattering on any figure. Pair them with heels and your legs will go on for ages. Denim jackets must… MUST… not be worn with any other form of denim. This makes it look like you are going to a denim on denim mixer. A cute skirt or sundress looks adorable when paired with a denim jacket. Leather jackets go with anything. I bought one this past winter in Israel and I have worn it more than the one I’ve had for ages. If you don’t already have one, go buy one! They go with everything and are a great alternative to a cardigan. If you enjoy the comfortable metallic, crop top, leggings look, then American Apparel has great looks for you. They are one of my favorite stores, making simple pieces that can be worn with anything. Be careful not to overdue it on the neon, otherwise people will be a little confused why you’re in Oneonta and not at Pacha.

   Even though we don’t have a specific style in our generations, besides leggings and Uggs, we know what looks good and how to wear it. This is why clothing from the past is making a comeback… or perhaps it never left?

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