The Salvation Army Brings Together Old and New

Journee Wyatt, Staff Writer

   It is no secret that it is hard to be fashionable on a college budget. Let’s face it, we barely have money for books, food and some pocket change for the weekends, so Louis Vuitton is pretty unrealistic. In this economy it is more cost efficient to use recycled clothing. The Salvation Army, located on Main St. right across from the OPT bus station, is a perfect place for it. Trends from the 70s-90s are coming back into style. Take a look at some clothing sites such as Urbanoutfitters, Asos, Forever21 and H&M for verification! So, why not cut your costs in half and shop at the Salvation Army. Our materialistic society is quick to deem something low quality due to price tags and labels. Don’t feed into it and add to your debt! The Salvation Army has a lot to offer; some of their items include dress clothes, purses, hats, scarves, gloves, jeans, slacks, blazers, dresses and even household furniture! They also have specials almost everyday, especially Wednesdays, when almost everything is half off. Also, the location is very convenient for students to get to.

   It’s really not worth it to spend tons of money of clothing that essentially will go out of style within the next couple of months. Also, if you’re weary about where the clothing is from or maybe about the smell, keep in mind that laundry is free on campus so you can wash it as soon as you get it. Our world is suffering from mass production of things that end up being wasted. Contribute to our society by recycling some clothes. You can also donate any of your old, unwanted clothes to the Salvation Army, especially at the end of the semester when you move back home or off campus.

   Have a presentation and no dress clothes? Try the Salvation Army. Have a 80’s themed party and no outfit? Try the Salvation Army. Even if you need a small end table or decorations for your dorm or apartment, you can try the Salvation Army!

   We as Americans and students are so stuck on brand names and prices that we are brainwashed to spend our money for status. It’s not about the labels on the clothing, it’s about how you can put it all together and make it work! So dig a little deeper, take a chance and allow yourself to experience the Oneonta Salvation Army.

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