Fashionable or Just Plain Weird?

Jorie Cohen, Contributing Writer

   Some wear cheese on their heads and make fireworks come out of their boobs, some wear meat dresses, while others wear tutus made out of plastic with bright pink hair and a turquoise unitard. These fashions should sound familiar to you because they were worn by three of the most popular singers of our generation… Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

   In order to make it in Hollywood you need to stand out. These women did, and still do, exactly that. Not only have these women inspired girls to wear whatever (and I mean whatever) they want, they have proven their musical talent.

   So why do they do it? Is it for attention or just to make a statement? Are these females really talented singers or do they just get enough hits on Youtube because fans are amazed by their outfits?

   Lady Gaga grew up in NYC as a struggling singer, graduating from NYU, trying to make it big in showbiz. Katy Perry grew up in California with two pastors, trying to be “not so innocent” as a choir singer. Nicki Minaj grew up in Queens, NY and tried to sing at Laguardia High School but lost her voice on the day of the audition; she ended up playing clarinet for four years.

   These women should not be defined by their clothing choices. It seems that celebrities in our generation get criticized more for their outfit choices than their performances.

   Lady Gaga broke the record for having four singles on one album hit #1 on the Billboard charts, she delivered her greatest speech at the gay rights rally and she is a full supporter of anti-bullying. Nicki Minaj was named the #4 Hottest MC; she is also on the Viva Glam campaign for MAC; she’s named the hottest rapper alongside popular rappers such as Lil Wayne and Drake. Katy Perry won the achievement award at the 2011 American Music Awards and she is a partner of Generosity Water (the LA based Christian Charity).

   These women show that you can be successful and dress however you want. I’ll admit it, it is a little weird. If you can rock a dress covered in red lace resembling blood, good for you. Maybe one day you’ll see bright pink hair and turquoise tights as the latest trend.

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