An Album to Triumph Over Exes To

Kayla Whitaker, Contributing Writer

Last week was Valentine’s Day, so for those readers who are forever alone, boy do we have the perfect album for you! Recent winner of six Grammy’s, Adele’s album “21” is perfect if you were flying solo for Valentine’s Day or just trying to get over your ex. Each song is designed for those who have been wronged by their lovers and significant others. The most well-known songs, “Rolling in the Deep,” “Turning Tables” and “Set Fire to the Rain” have aided in the mending of hearts across the country.
“Rolling in the Deep” is one of the first singles Adele hit gold with. The song tells the story of regret with loving someone who threw you to the dogs. A small percentage of the population have never had a breakup or been betrayed by someone they love. Lucky you: you get a metaphorical cookie. Now for those of us who might have gotten stomped on a time or two, this is a song of taking that first step towards becoming happier with yourself, and realizing the person who that did you wrong will get what they have coming towards them. Karma is a bitch, after all.
At one point or another, gossip about a relationship spreads. “Rumour Has It” cuts through the gossip rumor mill and helps you realize that rumors are rumors. The past should stay in the past. The things you say when you’re pissed may just come back to haunt you.
Restrictive relationships can happen, if you let them. “Turning Tables” laments the trials and suffering a person can endure. Adele sings about how if you take control and stand up for yourself, you can decide how your life is run. If you have become too dependent, a little bravery can go a long way in making two individuals in a relationship, rather than one person taking control. Grow some balls and you may just be happier for it.
For those of you who have trust issues, “One and Only” may speak volumes. Once you get over someone and want to love again, it can be tough to let anyone in. You don’t want to get screwed over again; that’s natural. But you have to buck up and realize that if you want to move on you can, and that not every relationship is exactly the same. You don’t want to let a good thing pass you by, because you might get hurt. First loves can become all-consuming; “Love Song” tells of the persistent need people feel when they are in love. The acceptance stage of being broken up with or betrayed by someone is the understanding that they will always hold a piece of you, even if you wished the they didn’t.
Those individuals who like to see what their options could have been may find solace in “Someone Like You.” The last song on Adele’s album “21” has majorly assisted in her rise to fame. Often times, people want to ease the pain of losing someone by seeing what could be. Once they get that closure, their lives can get better. The finale of Adele’s album is the closure she needs. Sometimes, all people want is to not be forgotten, and that way the love was worth the pain.
Not all of Adele’s songs from her Grammy-winning album “21” are in this review. If you want to listen to the rest, go onto iTunes, buy the CD, or check out her music videos on YouTube.

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