An Album to Predict the Future To

Alex Fredkin, Contributing Writer

Skrillex has very quickly become the most popular name in the fast-growing genre of Dubstep. Skrillex was nominated for five Grammy awards this year, including Best New Artist. In a musical climate dominated by pop and rap, this is remarkable. Although Skrillex did not win this particular Grammy, the fact that he was nominated is still a huge statement from the industry that new electronic music is having a big effect on the market.
Skrillex’s seven-song EP “Bangarang” was released on the website “Beatport” on December 23 2011, and a physical CD was released a month later. “Bangarang” delivers what you would expect from the artist but also throws in plenty of surprises and versatility. The title track “Bangarang” can be put up there with some of his best songs ever recorded. From the catchy lead in “Shout to all my boss boys” to the frenetic and high energy chorus, it is a song to remember. If you were unconvinced of Skrillex’s genuine impact on music, you only have to take one listen to his song “Breakin A Sweat,” in which he collaborates with surviving members of The Doors. Look for an audio sample at the 2:36 mark from an old Jim Morrison interview in which he seems to foreshadow a time when music will be all electronic and only utilize one man playing a machine.
Some of Skrillex’s critics have complained that all of his songs are too similar, and he answers these questions resoundingly. The song “Right on Time” has no bass drop at all and is more of a house/club song. Then there’s “Summit” in which he explores a mellow trance sound, something unheard of on other albums.
If you are a fan of Skrillex pick up this EP as soon as possible. If you are unfamiliar with his work and want to see what all the fuss is about, then I suggest you go listen to his song “Cinema” or “First of the Year (Equinox)” to whet your palate. If you like what you hear, check out “Bangarang.”
Rating: 8/10

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