Poem of the Week, 10/26/11

Salem Eames, Culture Editor

The State Times Culture Section is looking for student submissions! We are accepting photos taken oncampus or elsewhere in Oneonta, as well as original poetry or short fiction. Please send all submissions to [email protected]. This week’s autumn-themed poetry submission was sent in by Tara Miner.

By Tara Miner

tonight I’ll be a scarecrow
because I’ve got nothing better to do
than scare crows

I’ll stuff straw underneath a baseball cap
stuff straw in my jeans
stuff straw in my sneakers, in my coat,
in gloves and pockets
straw will become me

tonight I’ll be a scarecrow
because the geese are leaving for canada
and only the crows will be left to take swoop
about and caw incessantly

tonight I’ll be a scarecrow
because it’s fall
because falling is fall and fall is falling
and the leaves will soon be gone
and autumn with them

tonight I’ll be a scarecrow
because no one else will be.

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