Laughing with America’s Favorite Uncle

Erin Potter, Staff Writer

Dave Coulier, best known for his role as Uncle Joey in Full House, performed stand-up Saturday evening in the Hunt Union Ballroom. There was a wonderful performance by SUNY Oneonta’s a capella group, Hooked on Tonics, that set the stage for Coulier. When Coulier started, a roar of laugher soon followed and continued throughout the show. The ballroom was packed with students and their families, and Coulier’s jokes were suitable for all generations. His material ranged from Oneonta’s unreachable location to teenagers’ video game habits. He showed his expertise in imitations, including his famous Bullwinkle impression, as well as impressions of Spongebob and Patrick.
Coulier appealed to the older folks in the crowd with his “old jokes” and everyone was pleased with his fart jokes. Coulier picked on random audience members who walked in or out. As one man was leaving to go to the bathroom during Coulier’s fart section of the show, Coulier said, “Oh, did I remind you of something?” Some members of the audience were brought to tears of laughter.
Coulier used some of his old material from Full House, such as “cut it out.” He explained to the audience how it always comes up in his life. Audience members were surprised that he didn’t do his Popeye impression during the show. Regardless, the responses were positive. One student, Michael Steinhaus, who attended with his family said, “Seeing Dave Coulier on campus was funny, if not funnier than when I saw him a couple years ago at Hartwick College. While most of his material was the same, he did add some new material.” Steinhaus went on to say that he and his family were laughing the whole time. Allison Richards, another student, also had positive things to say about the performance: “I thought Dave Coulier was definitely in his element last night. The crowd really loved him. It was as if I were a kid again watching Joey from Full House,” Richards said. Coulier’s performance earned him a standing ovation.

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