“The Forever Purge”: A Movie Review

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Alexa Di Palermo, Staff Writer |

This past Sunday, I decided it would be a good time to pick up some popcorn and kick back once again. This time I was extremely excited to be able to watch “The Forever Purge” because I’ve been watching this film series since their first movie, “The Purge”, came to theaters. This one, although with a similar storyline to the past movies, had unique features about it that the other movies did not.

The most unique parts of the movie were the beginning (and some middle) parts. The film’s audience first got to see the lives of two families before that year’s purge. One family was Adela and Juan. The couple had fled Mexico and came to America to escape a drug cartel and live the American dream. We also got to see the family of Juan’s employer, the Tucker family. The Tuckers are a rich Texas family who have everything you could ever want.

The movie begins with their casual everyday life and then prepping for and living through the actual purge. Immediately, a common theme of all purge movies was shown: social class. You can see an immediate difference in their homes, their day-to-day lives, and the type of protection they had from those who were committing crimes in the purge. Both families lived through the purge safely, but there was a clear difference in the amount of care they had about the purge because of the protection above them.

The focus of the movie was the day after. This day was supposed to be safe for America, but something was off. Immediately, I knew this movie was going to be good. From then on, Adela, Juan, and the Tucker family partner up to flee to Mexico and live through the “Forever Purge”.

Throughout the flee to safety, the families not only face the conflict of someone trying to kill them every five minutes but the racism of Dylan Tucker, who claims that everyone should “stick with their own.” Hearing that made me extremely angry and I can say that was my least favorite part of the movie.

Sadly, this wasn’t the only instance where racism was present as those who were participating in the “Forever Purge” also were giving people chances to stay alive if they killed those of a different race. This is something else that genuinely upset me. It’s not okay!

Overall, this movie was fun to watch. It caused an adrenaline rush, there was a lot of adventure, and it had a storyline that was more unique than the rest of the series. It was interesting, but there were parts I disliked. The racism throughout the film was upsetting to see, but it had a purpose in the story as it underlined the issues of the original movies: social class and surviving the purge while dealing with disadvantages. Having said that, I would totally recommend watching this movie. If you haven’t watched the other movies in the series and don’t have a sensitive stomach, have a night set aside to watch them all. Make popcorn, sit back, and be thankful “The Purge” is not a real thing!

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