Sports Channels Provide Alternatives to Live Sports


David D’Annibale, Staff Writer |

The coronavirus remains a major problem in the world of sports as all games are either canceled or have been suspended. Despite there being no live sporting events, sports networks have started to provide fans an alternative to stay entertained by playing reruns of sports documentaries and top games of the past.

ESPN plus has been providing fans with a wide variety of sport documentaries through their “30 for 30” film series. The top selections include: “O.J Simpson Made in America,” which depicts how O.J went from a beloved sports figure to a widely hated man in America ”No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson” and “Elway to Marino.” However, there are many more options to choose from. By subscribing to ESPN plus you will be provided with any “30 for 30” films you want to help you survive without sports.

NFL Network has been providing fans with top games of  the 2019 NFL season. Some of these games that were rebroadcast include the Superbowl matchup between Kansas City and San Francisco and both regular season games between Seattle and San Francisco. NFL Network will continue to play reruns for fans looking to watch football once again.

MLB Network and individual team channels such as SNY (SportNet New York) are all contributing to keeping baseball fans entertained until the start of the MLB season by playing the best matchups of the past such as the world series and each of the two competing teams’s top game of the 2019 season. With the baseball season suspended, this is the only way for baseball fans to watch their favorite teams play.

Also, for sports fans looking for another alternative in this drought, consider watching some great sports movies as a way to stay entertained. Depending on your favorite sport, movies such as “The Sandlot”,“The Rookie” and Coach Carter” are a couple great sport movies to watch. Many of these movies can be found on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. Great sport television shows like “Last Chance U,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Hard Knocks” and “All American” are also great options to stay occupied. 

Although these alternatives can’t entirely replace live sporting events, they will help us stay entertained until sports are safe to play once again.

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