Aducanumab: Alzheimer’s Drug

November 1, 2019 The State Times 1

Erin Spicer, Staff Writer |

This past week, Biogen, a pharmaceutical drug company, released a statement saying they requested the Food and Drug Administration approve their new drug, aducanumab, to …

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NBA Season Begins

November 1, 2019 The State Times 0

Colin Maruscsak, Staff Writer |

Everyone has been talking about the Minnesota Timberwolves since the start of the NBA Season. Their strong start to the season has been thanks …


Horoscopes 11/01/19 – 11/08/19

November 1, 2019 The State Times 0

Aries- Control your impulsive side this week, Aries. Instant gratification seems nice in the moment but can leave you feeling like you’re lacking something. Have some patience and you will …