Moon Watch: The Milne Library Mooner

Erin Spicer, Staff Writer |

For those who haven’t heard, there was a rather disturbing incident that occurred last Thursday in Milne Library. Several students and faculty members reported seeing an unidentifiable male wandering around highly populated areas of the library and mooning them. After a student notified library staff, campus police were called and arrived on the scene. They searched the building for the suspect but came up empty handed.

The suspect reportedly returned to the library that same day, wearing different clothing, and proceeded to harass more hard-working students. Once again, campus police were called but arrived too late to catch the suspect. The individual returned twice more in disguise and failed to be caught.

While this incident may be perceived as comical or simply a joke, a staff member at the library disclosed one student report stated the individual might have been seen waiting outside the women’s bathroom. This individual is compromising the safety and peace of mind that students expect when they enter the library. Many students were subject to this individual’s harassment, however, only a few students came forward. The library staff believes students and faculty were simply too shocked to come forward. Both the library staff and campus police are taking this matter very seriously. Another staff member at the library stated the descriptions of the suspect were very vague, the only concrete descriptors suggesting the suspect is a white male and was walking around without a backpack. The staff member went on to say there is speculation of whether this individual is a student or not.

While the suspect has yet to be apprehended, the library staff and campus police are being very proactive to ensure this individual is caught and incidents such as this won’t happen again. The library staff received an email to make them aware of the situation and ask them to keep a close eye out for the suspect. Campus police has also increased their patrols around campus, and have begun to question witnesses and any students who have come forward with information. Library staff and campus police are confident their combined efforts to catch this individual will be successful.

If you have any information about the suspect in question, please contact campus police at (607)-436-3550. If you or someone you know witnessed the individual expose himself and would like to talk with a professional, please contact student health services at (607)-436-3573.

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