HOROSCOPES (Week of February 16 – 22)

ARIES: Wondering why you don’t have a date this year? It’s probably because you can be a little crazy, Aries. But that doesn’t mean you should change for anyone! Someday you’ll find someone who loves your crazy.

TAURUS: You are wonderful, the best sign when it comes to relationships. If you’re single, it’s only because people are intimidated by you. Keep doing you, Taurus.

GEMINI: If you think you mess up every romantic situation you’re in, it’s only a little true! But that’s because you need to work on taking things seriously. Not everything is a joke, and shouldn’t be treated as such.

CANCER: You can be protective to the point of obsession, Cancer. Like Aries, you can be a little crazy. But again, this isn’t a bad thing; your crazy is rooted in care! Just don’t let your protectiveness prevent you or your partner from being independent.

LEO: You might be looking for something specific on Valentine’s Day this year, Leo. Open your mind and heart, and the world is your oyster. And by world, I mean Oneonta. Good luck!

VIRGO: You are one of those people who always says they hate Valentine’s Day because it’s pointless and nothing more than a result of our capitalistic society. While this may be true, we all know you’re a little bitter. Stay that way; it’s cute.

LIBRA: Silly Libra, you fall in love so easily. Remember, just because someone gives you a compliment doesn’t mean you’re in love with them! Go on a date with someone you actually like.

SCORPIO: If you’re still mad about something your ex partner did, let it go! You don’t have to forgive them, but let yourself move on. And while you’re at it, maybe find someone new if you want (you know better than anyone it’s not that hard to find someone better than your ex).

SAGITTARIUS: If you’re single and find yourself starting to get bitter about it, remember how much you value your independence! Instead of being sad, think about how ridiculous Valentine’s Day really is.

CAPRICORN: Stop trying to change your significant other to make them more like you. You can’t date yourself! If you are single and want to be in a relationship, or at least have a date this weekend, maybe try being more accepting of the people around you. You never know, some people might surprise you!

AQUARIUS: There are many fish in the sea, but you won’t be able to catch any of them if you keep your standards so impossibly high. People can’t be as flawless as you might want them to be! This also goes for those of you who in relationship; don’t expect more than what the other person can give you.

PISCES: It’s likely you have a million ideas about this Valentine’s weekend, and if that’s true there is one thing you need to ask yourself: can your bank account support this? Shower your Valentine with compliments so your debit card can have a rest.

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