HOROSCOPES (Week of February 9-February 15)

LIBRA: It’s easy to feel like other people don’t understand you. This can be isolating, but you need to trust that people aren’t inherently bad; understanding takes time and reflection. Use your powers of empathy to teach others awareness.

SCORPIO: Your life has been very hectic lately. Your social and familial life has taken a backseat, which is no one’s fault. Some of your family members may be missing you, so make sure you reach out to them and reassure them that you haven’t forgotten about them. It’ll make both of you feel better.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ve been feeling very stuck in life lately. Your sign craves adventure and excitement, and when you’re lacking in those areas things seem stagnant and boring. Sometimes it isn’t what you’re doing, but the mindset you have. Try shifting your outlook in order to see your life in a new light; you might find something exciting right in front of you.

CAPRICORN: You may not always see eye to eye with your peers. You have a strong set of morals and values, and when others don’t share those values you often don’t understand. Remember to be empathetic in these situations and try to see the other side of things. By opening your mind, you can learn new things.

AQUARIUS: You expect a lot from the people in your life. It is good that you have high standards, however standards that are too high can leave you feeling disappointed. You cannot expect any one person to fulfill all of your needs. Realize that people are flawed and are constantly trying to be better. In return, try to also keep bettering yourself.

PISCES: You may be experiencing a dilemma in which the logical part of your brain is telling you to do one thing, and the emotional part of your brain is telling you to do another. It may be easier to give in to the emotional side, but it takes willpower and perseverance to really do what is best for you. Try to follow that, and maybe you’ll learn to like the result.

ARIES: Lately you may have been becoming irritated by other people’s words and actions, but it might be your own mindset that is making you hyper-sensitive. Try distancing yourself from people who could potentially bother you; you don’t want to accidentally take your frustration out on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

TAURUS: You are often the person that many people come to for support and advice. You enjoy being needed, but it can be overwhelming. If you have been giving too much of yourself without getting much in return, let others know they aren’t burdening you, but you need to give yourself attention. You can’t take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself.

GEMINI:Although you love connecting with people, you might be feeling like your social life is a little too lively these days. You have been overbooking yourself with social activities, and that combined with the rest of your life can become stressful. Keep interactions to those who are important to you, rather than giving attention to people just because you feel like you have to.

CANCER: At times it feels like you need constant reassurance. It’s easy to take things personally and feel like people don’t care for you as much as they actually do. However, the people you have in your life wouldn’t be there if they didn’t want to be. Many people don’t recognize the hurtful or insensitive things they say. Practice looking within yourself to find reassurance, and know that it isn’t selfish to ask more of people.

LEO: Lately, you may have found yourself in some sort of creative block. This is especially frustrating because you are a very creative individual, and a creative block may mean that you are having trouble expressing yourself. Sometimes a break is necessary, and it will not diminish your artistic side. Come back to your projects when you are inspired, and you will feel refreshed.

VIRGO: Even though it seems appealing to hide your emotions all the time, you’d feel much better if you confided in someone. You’ve kept so much in for so long, and it’s starting to weigh on you. Telling someone what’s on your mind isn’t going to drive anyone away; opening up doesn’t change who you are. It’s okay to ask for help.

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