HOROSCOPES (Week of February 8th – 14th)

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ARIES: Your planetary ruler, Mars, has returned to Aries so you can expect to feel bold and energetic. Be wary of your intensity though, hasty actions may harm your long term interests. Venus, also in Aries, will bring about passion in your love life this week. You may even feel burnt out by an overflow of emotions.

TAURUS: This week you will feel driven to make practical choices and focus on things that are important to you. However, feelings of sluggishness may overwhelm you and ruin plans to accomplish work. Your current ambitions may be out of balance with your motivation to actually get things done.

GEMINI: With the Ascendant in Gemini this week, you will find your curiosity is insatiable. Your mind will be constantly churning out ideas and thoughts, it will be hard to keep up with or shut off. You will also feel particularly independent and decide to take some time and focus on yourself.

CANCER: You will be very in touch with your feelings this week but you will also seek out security in people close to you. Significant changes happening in your life right now may be excessively difficult to cope with. You may cling to your friends or family and need their support.

LEO: As the moon moves through Leo this week, you may find yourself wanting to be the center of attention. You will make more plans than you have time to accomplish as well. Feelings of stubbornness cloud your judgment and can lead to you being overly dramatic when things do not go your way.

VIRGO: This week will be all about the details for you, dear Virgo. You will be easily stressed by your workload and feel overwhelmed when things don’t go as planned. Don’t be overly critical of yourself in relationships right now, you may find you are feeling a little distant with friends or lovers, but it will pass.

LIBRA: As the moon moves through Libra, indecisiveness will plague you. Feelings of uncertainty and mood instability will be difficult to push through. If in a relationship, you may start an argument because you are seeing problems and flaws in everything you see. You will also experience desire to be around people and not want to be alone.

SCORPIO: You will take action this week and fulfill desires to finish projects. Do not take on too many challenges because you will end up looking foolish. Your harsh temper and feelings of excessive impulsiveness will be a test to your will power.

SAGITTARIUS: With Saturn in Sagittarius this can limit your taste for excitement and rebellion. Feelings of reservation and a strong sense of responsibility will give you the ability to complete regular chores and tasks. Focus on what is in front of you and remaining honest to yourself and others will help you this week.

CAPRICORN: Pluto’s wild energy may bring about disruptions and upheavals in your life this week. Big changes are ahead but your determination and passion allow you to keep a clear view of your goals. New career opportunities may also open up.

AQUARIUS: With the sun in your sector right now you will have feelings of sensitivity and sociability. Be prepared to meet open-minded people. Shut the doors to your past and leave memories behind you. You will feel fresh as you allow pessimism and harsh feeling to be swept away.

PISCES: Neptune being in Pisces allows you to shine your brightest and be productive this week. You are in the mindset of both the lover and the dreamer right now. Feelings of compassion and sensitivity right now can lead to developments in relationships as well.

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