Couples Costumes: Yay or Nay


Averi Amsterdam, Staff Writer

Couple Costume

Fall is in full swing, and the stores are filled with every Halloween decoration possible. The internet is exploding with countless articles about everything you can do in the fall. As the countdown to Halloween begins, the pressure of coming up with the perfect costume grows greater. The topic of debate is do you and your significant other dress up together or separately?

Everyone knows how difficult it is to decide what to dress up as for Halloween. The possibilities are endless, and so is the worry about having the same costume as someone else at the party you are at. Luckily, deciding on a couples Halloween costume to wear with your significant other is much easier than deciding on a costume for yourself.

Couples Halloween costumes can allow for more creative costume ideas and a crafting date to put it all together. It is also relativity easy to come up with a couples costume. There are many options from popular Hollywood couples to popular Disney couples. There are movie character duos and pairs of inanimate objects.

Chances are, these costumes don’t require much shopping outside of your own closet. On a college student budget, who really has the extra money to spend on a costume for one night anyway? And let’s not forget, your final design is perfect for an Instagram photo-op.

While the discussion of a couples Halloween costume can lead to an argument and additional holiday stress, there are quick and easy solutions to any problem that arises. You want to dress up and your significant other doesn’t? Everyone knows college students make the holiday of Halloween into an entire weekend and not just one night. Compromise to dress up together one night, and the other night do separate costumes. You are really outgoing, but your significant other doesn’t want additional attention brought on them? Decide on a costume that isn’t too extravagant and isn’t too much of a stretch from an everyday outfit. You want to dress up as a couple but are nervous about making conversation at a party? Find a costume that is a great conversation starter! You both have different opinions and ideas on what your couples costume should be? Chances are, you will have more than one Halloween party to go to throughout the duration of the weekend. Double the amount of costumes doesn’t mean spending double the amount of money, nor does it mean only one of you gets to dress up how you would like. Get creative when shopping in your own closet and find cheap crafting alternatives to put your costume together.

There is no reason deciding on the perfect costume should add additional stress to your relationship or to the holiday. Couples costumes make celebrating Halloween a lot more fun when you are with your significant other.

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