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Monica Dore
Staff Writer

The State Times caught up with John Mahon, President of SUNY Oneonta’s Pre-Law Society. After several members graduated last May, the society is now looking to expand its numbers and encourages any interested students to come to a meeting and see the benefits of joining this club for themselves.

Monica Dore: How long has the Pre-Law Society been present on SUNY Oneonta’s campus?

John Mahon: The Pre-Law Society has been on campus for many years now–around 10 or so I believe. However, last year the entire e-board graduated at the same time and the club just kind of disappeared. I had interest in the club when I was involved last year so I thought it would be beneficial for myself, as well as the rest of the student body looking to participate, to bring the club back.

MD:  How many students are currently involved?

JM: Since we are working our way up from zero members last semester, we are still trying to recruit. With that being said, we have around 10 involved members at the moment.

MD: What type of students are you hoping become more involved with the society?

JM: Anyone and everyone is invited to participate. If a person has an interest in law school then they will be coming to the right place. However, even if a person does not want to go to law school but he or she would like to discuss laws or different practices in a philosophical and legal manner, then they are invited as well. We want to make this club a fun environment while trying to help students that desire the help.

MD: What are the benefits of a student joining Pre-Law Society?

JM: Our plan is to prepare students for law school, the LSAT [Law School Admission Council] and legal life in general. Club members will be invited to participate in practice tests, question discussions and different legal discussions based around current events. The club will look good on a resume and hopefully members will learn something at the end of the semester.

MD: What activities does your society do to prepare students for a future in law?

JM:  We hope that in the future if we receive funding we could be able to visit different law schools in the upstate area. As well, we are in the process now of communicating with different lawyers in the Oneonta area to come and speak to us. This club can be what the members want it to be. We are young and we want to answer any question or desire that a club member has.

The Pre-Law Society meets Tuesdays at 6 p.m. in Schumacher Hall, room 203.

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