WONY 90.9FM DJ Spotlight: Aimee Albright & Joanna Chiappone

Marielle Genovesi, Arts Editor

AIMEEJOANNAgsFor those of you who are avid listeners [as we are at The State Times] of our student run radio station, WONY 90.9FM, you may often find yourself wondering who belongs to the lovely voices coming out of your radio. We certainly do. So for the sake of WONY listeners on campus and around town, we give our readers a little one-on-one with the DJs of WONY 90.9FM every week.

The State Times: What are your DJ names if you have any?

Aimee Albright & Joanna Chiappone: We go by our actual names, nothing special. But our show’s name (Aimee and Joanna’s 100 Percent All Natural Good Time Band Solution) is based on a family band from the show Arrested Development.

ST: When/at what times do you usually DJ?

We DJ from 12-2 p.m. on Saturday afternoons.

ST: How did you both get involved with WONY?

AA/JC: We thought having a show would be cool and we wanted to share our thoughts and music with other people. We like talking about music; we both enjoy the same types of music so we thought we’d be a good fit.

ST: What is one great thing about WONY?

AA/JC: WONY has a swimming pool but they’re also a very welcoming group of people.

ST: Are there any other shows on WONY that you love listening to yourself?

AA/JC: We like Your Weekly Daly and Car Rides With Christine
ST: What music genre of music do you usually play?

AA/JC: We play music we enjoy listening to whether it’s a recent release or an oldie. We mainly lean towards pop/rock genres.

ST: Do you do anything unique or different during your segment on the show?
AA/JC: We play “What’s in your Bag?,” which is a game where we list all of the items inside of our bags. We read music news from a blog called Pupfresh, we plug on campus activities and performances, and talk about issues of note, mostly women’s rights and negative portrayals of women in the media.

ST: What are some of your favorite songs to feature/play as of late?

AA/JC: R5’s recent release “Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight” is a favorite. We also like “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk The Moon. We’ve played that song for like the past three weeks, we just can’t get enough of it. The new single by The Maine “English Girls” is also a really great one. The Room 93 EP by Halsey which we were excited to find out it made it’s way into rotation recently. We also enjoy Bray which is a student band; their album “Wired” gets played on a regular basis on our show.

ST: Why should students tune into WONY during your segment?

AA/JC: We definitely have an eclectic mix of songs and artists. We like taking requests because it gives us new music to listen into. Also we have segments that informs students on recent news and campus events.

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