Love Your Body Week: Recognizing the Complete Importance of the “Body”

Sarah MeltzerStaff Writer

On April 15 GEARS hosted an event at Hunt Union for Love Your Body Week. Angela Deleski spoke on the spirituality associated with personal gratitude, titling her conference, “Self-Awareness and Energy.” Although one should appreciate his/her body 365 days of the year, this week was created to highlight the importance of doing so. GEARS defined a positive body image as “a celebration and appreciation for all natural body types.” This image comes with an understanding that one’s physical appearance says little-to-nothing of the character and value within the person. Deleski’s conference was a perfect addition to the week.
In 2009, after discovering her husband had cheated on her, Deleski looked to reconnective healing to guide her through the divorce. Reconnective healing helps one’s “energy body,” or that which may be described as the vital life energy that surrounds each physical body, to remember the connection it has to its source, which can be any belief or higher being. Every human is composed of several bodies and not all of them are physical. There are also mental, emotional and other etheric bodies that make up each person. Emotion, belief and other non-physical qualities originate in an energy field which is known as an energy body. Becoming in touch with her energy body allowed Deleski to show no bitterness towards her ex-husband and finally feel validation in her instincts, she finally could admit that she had known he had cheated the whole time. Even after having to deal with such a traumatic experience, she was able to remember the beauty of life and overcome such an emotional experience.
Gratitude seemed to be the main theme of the conference. Deleski expressed that there are always aspects of life to be grateful for, and by dismissing them we lose connection to our energy body. An aid to this process can be meditation. Setting aside 15 minutes per day to think about absolutely nothing allows one’s inner self to become closer to being at peace. She asks that you thank yourself for what you can do and have done, and not for visual appearances. She also feels that living a clutter-free lifestyle can translate to a clutter-free mind, empty of hatred and disease. she explains that one must clear out the negativity and make room for affirmation.
However, the conference did not come without speculation. Confusion occurred due to the fact that most people found it hard to connect with their energy body. Why is this process easy for some and virtually impossible for others? The answer surrounds us. It seems that our energy body works just like electricity and can be blocked by the electrical currents neighboring us. Being part of the technology generation has its advantages, but sometimes blinds us from the natural world. Perhaps, then, it is beneficial to have an occasional detox and take in Oneonta’s scenic environment.



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