The Crashing Jets

Tyriq Butler, Staff Writer

Jets fans are too accustomed to watching their mediocre franchise year after year. We’ve heard it all before—Rex Ryan falsely promising Super Bowl trips, Mark Sanchez throwing late game interceptions and even Tebowmania. Time and time again, the Jets get in their own way.

When the Jets elected to hire John Idzik as their new general manager, this was a reason for fans to pause, as they thought things were starting to get better. Following the 2013-2014 season, the Jets received the eighteenth overall draft pick and available cap space.

After cutting wide receiver Santonio Holmes and cornerback Antonio Cromartie, analysts thought that this organization was poised for an offseason run at some of the top free agents. There was no secret that the Jets struggled on offense, so everyone knew this would be their primary focus. The Jets signed wide receiver Eric Decker who played with the AFC Champion Denver Broncos last season. Who could be next?

So far, no one. If you thought “Gang Green” was going to make a big splash and finally show everyone that their organization has some level of competence, you were wrong. Notable free agents like Steve Smith, Emmanuel Sanders, Hakeem Nicks, Golden Tate and a host of others have all been passed on by the Jets.

When Tampa Bay released cornerback Darrelle Revis, Jets fans became excited. They were intrigued by the idea of him bringing “Revis Island” back to Metlife Stadium, and so was Rex Ryan. According to reports, he was more than willing to welcome Revis back. But Idzik wasn’t interested. How does one pass up on one of the top cornerbacks in the game? Not only did Revis not sign with the Jets, but he is heading to Foxborough to play for their longtime rival New England Patriots.

The New York Jets never fix their mistakes, they compound them. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was a top corner on the market and expressed interested in playing under Rex Ryan. For a defense that’s predicated on having top corners who can play man coverage, this seemed like the perfect fit. After meeting with the Jets one day and the Giants the next, he decided to sign a five year 35 million dollar deal to play for Tom Coughlin and the Giants. Once again, the Jets swung and missed. They offered Rodgers-Cromartie a one-year deal to prove he deserves a long-term contract and he turned it down.

It looks as though Idzik is being patient this offseason and trying to spend his money wisely. With the draft coming up, we will see what the Jets elect to do. After losing their best corner, they need to make some upgrades to their secondary.
Given the history of this franchise, one that hasn’t won a Super Bowl since 1969, fans are now skeptical that Idzik knows what he is doing. It will be difficult to try to win big in a draft because many players take years to develop.

Geno Smith will need some help this season. Last year, he was put in a position as a rookie that no young starting quarterback should ever be placed in. Not only did he have to deal with the pressure of playing in New York, he had to do so while having no legitimate weapons on offense.

Will it be another 8-8 season for the Jets? Another “Will Rex get fired” season? We will see. But right now, those two things look more possible than the Jets making the playoffs.

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