Travel Blurb: Florence, Italy

Brynn Sussman, Staff Writer


Ciao again from Firenze!
Prior to my departure for Italy, I was told that it is very non-traditional in the Italian culture to get food “to go,” and that grabbing something quick wasn’t really a “thing” here. After being submerged in this culture for over a month now, I have learned both of those statements to be extremely true. For Italians, meal time is more than just satisfying hunger; it is a time to sit, relax and spend time with family and friends. It is always expected that you are home for dinner and that you will be partaking in eating all (of the many) courses. The traditional Italian way is to grab an espresso and light pastry for breakfast (croissant’s with nutella are a staple), eat a rather large lunch earlier in the afternoon, after work possibly stop into one of the bars (coffee shops) for aperitivo (a light cocktail/wine and finger foods) with friends, then wait until at the earliest 8:30 p.m. for dinner. It is rather refreshing to be around so many people that cherish time together as opposed to the rushed atmosphere that is sometimes hard to avoid in the US where dinner seems to not always be around a table nor does it always warrant discussion. So take a few extra minutes out of your busy schedule to appreciate the food in front of you and the company around you! Just as the Italians do. Mangia!

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