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Indiana Nash, Editor-In-Chief


It’s safe to say that everyone around campus is growing weary of the frigid temperatures and blistering afternoons that this winter has brought. One way to break out of the hum-drum feeling of the season is to update your wardrobe. It might not be spring quite yet, but there are still plenty of ways to start the change towards it.
One spring piece that can be worn through the remainder of the winter is the white dress shirt or button down. It may seem plain or unoriginal, but the relaxed look of the 90s has made a comeback on the runway this year. A simple white button down can be worn in a multitude of ways: with a colored tank underneath, belted at the waist, or (depending on the size) as a dress.
A look that can be a bit hard to master is the sporty trend. In order to not look like you’re constantly supposed to be at the gym, focus on the fit of the pieces. Make sure that some of what you’re wearing is looser, but then balance it out by something more fitted. For some inspiration, check out the looks that DKNY and Prada put down the runway a few weeks ago. pastelfash
The quintessential trench coat is, of course, a must for the spring season which can be worn when the temperatures start picking up a bit. The classic a-line cut makes any outfit look chic and the tan color blends well with just about everything. Another coat to try out for this in-between time is one that is oversized. A turnaround from the fit of the cinched trench, the oversized coat balances out a pair of skinny jeans and looks great with those (still relevant) boots.
Tribal focused prints are another trend that seem to be prevailing on full speed ahead. Hermes and several other fashion power houses have focused on these prints for the past few seasons. They can be worn subtly or boldly. It’s up to the wearer.
Finally, one simple thing to start slowly including in your wardrobe would be pastel colors, similar to those that Burberry put down the runway. Lilac hues, light greens and creamy yellows are a good place to start. Incorportate the shades in small ways (so as not to appear like an Easter egg.)Like a light pink scarf or lilac lace shirt.
Obviously it’s up to you to take these trends and do whatever you’d like with them. If you instead want nothing more than to pretend that Spring is not coming along, then by all means ignore everything in the above article. The rest of us though, could use a bit of an update and a wardrobe change (even a small one) is the perfect place to start.

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