Online Dating: A College Student’s Dream Relationship?

Sarah Meltzer- Contributing Writer

As college students, homework and friends seem to consume our time while Jimmy T’s consumes our wallets. Although it may be physically impossible to cuddle over the internet, online dating has become an ongoing trend. As generations progress, intimacy regresses, equalizing the value of a love letter to that of an emoji. Nothing says “I love you” like a kissy face. As we tend to live much of our lives on phones, it makes sense that the young adults of this generation might feel more comfortable with intimacy through a screen.
We walk into walls while our thumbs are running a different race and we trip on the sidewalk as we type “be there in a sec.” It seems that we are losing the ability to communicate face-to-face, resulting in awkward social interactions. This is why many resort to online dating. On the computer, people have the confidence to be the person they wish they could be. Whether it’s the jock, the cheerleader or the musician, online dating websites provide you with the materials needed to fake your imagined persona. In reality, it is possible to say that you have been “catfished” (fooled) Yet, this does help users interact with people that may be “out of their league,” even if it’s not the most honorable tactic, “exaggerating” a profile is an extremely popular process.
Nowadays, it feels as if the world is moving faster than people are able to keep up with. With barely any time to even go shopping, the internet has made time-consuming chores much more efficient. Although it is sad to consider dating a chore, it is how some people feel, especially when they are busy establishing a career. Careers are valued more and more as generations pass and are almost impossible to juggle with a social life. However, online dating makes it possible for someone to multitask meeting new people with organizing a file cabinet. Letting the internet play matchmaker may be more convenient than spending countless nights in miniskirts doing it yourself.
Although online dating has been associated with desperation and even creepiness, the truth is, it’s actually a reliable way to meet people. It seems that it might even be safer than meeting people the old fashioned way: at a bar. Online-dating sites may perform background checks and provide detailed descriptions of interests. Meeting potentials has never seemed easier. You never know where that man you met on the bus has been, but it is safe to say that Puppylover212 is not an ex-convict. Just kidding.
In a world that is obsessed with efficiency, online dating has proven to be one of the easiest ways  to potentially find love. It is not only convenient, but an exciting way to meet new people whether they are “the one” or not.onlinedatinggs

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