Sex Ed: App Edition

Daniella Sannuti, Staff writer

My sex doc copy

If there is one thing all humans are always curious about, it’s sex. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation or even religion, we all face burning questions about the so-called “dirty deed.” So where do we find our information? Some guardians are open to sexual discussions while others mumble something about birds and bees, hoping the school will take care of it. Depending on the school district, some health classes only address abstinence, leaving students clueless on an important topic. If people aren’t getting information from their schools or guardians, where exactly are they learning about sex? According to recent articles, more and more adolescents are turning to porn to answer their questions. Needless to say, porn is not meant for educational purposes and can lead young people to develop false ideals about what real sex is.
In addition to a high attentiveness in all things sexually related, young people also have another popular interest: smartphones and apps. Thankfully, Fabrizio Dolfi created an app that informs users on all aspects of sexuality called, My Sex Doctor. “The ultimate purpose of the app is to offer young adults a new way to access reliable information about sex and sexuality,” Dolfi stated, “To free them from embarrassing conversations with parents or relatives, from hours spent on-line reading lots of stuff they are not even sure they can trust, to save them from getting the wrong ideas from misinformed friends or adult entertainment.”
This is not a regular app that provides simple information about sexual interaction, it is much more than that. Covering topics that range from STDs to abusive relationships, there seems to be information about everything sexually related. There is a dictionary portion that contains over 500 words and even a list that suggests 100 things people should know about sexual education. With eye catching topics like “Why do boys sometimes wake up with sticky underwear?” becoming informed is far from dull. “It is easy to use,” Rebecca Wichelns, a junior at SUNY Oneonta said. She added, “The app covers basically anything you would want to know and more.”
The app, which is targeted towards young people between the ages of 13-25, has many benefits besides access to sexually related information. With a unique security system, anyone surrounding you will never even be able to tell you are looking at a sex app. The app’s icon is designed to look like a book with the title ‘MYSD’ so that no one will know what app it is. In addition, there is a security pin to restrict any type of unauthorized access to the app. To make it even better, all of this information and great security options can be at the tip of your fingers without any internet connection at all.
Available for both the iPhone and certain models of the Samsung Galaxy, My Sex Doctor is available for download in two ways. For free, you can download an ad-free lite version that will give you access to about 2/3 of all the information provided on the full version. The full version, which costs a small fee, provides access to the entire app.

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