The Do’s and Don’ts of College

 Meghan Wilcox – Contributing Writer

To all the new students at Oneonta, there is much more to know about campus than what your orientation leaders told you. Here is a list of the do’s and don’ts of college.

1. Join as many clubs as you can. Even if you missed the club expo make sure to go on Campus Connections and make some connections!
2. Try different things on campus. Take a stab at trivia night or writing for the paper!
3. Take advantage of lectures and concerts on campus.
4. Read for your classes, it will make the tests easier.
5. Write your papers ahead of time, even if they are due the last day of class. If for some reason your computer deletes it the day before it is due, don’t panic because you can pull it off- but it won’t be fun!
6. Get Starbucks and enjoy Hunt Pond before it gets too cold to even look outside.
7. Spend at least one night in with your friends playing games, having fashion shows, watching movies or just talking and pigging out.
8. Visit the Center for Social Responsibility and Community (CSRC) and get a group of your friends to volunteer on a project one weekend. Everything is more fun with friends and you will feel good giving back.
9.Travel. When else will you ever live so close to the National Baseball Hall of Fame?
10. Try things that you never have before. You never know who or what you will meet!11.Take a random class as an elective because you never know- it might become your major.

1. Say there is nothing to do on campus! There are plenty of things to do besides what the weekly broadcast announces. Go swimming at the pool, gather a group of friends or even play tag in the quad when it is empty.
2. Rush to class. Especially if your class is in Schumacher, because there is no way you’re going to be able to quickly move up and down the staircase.
3. Set off the fire alarm. If you live in a dorm, you will make the other 200 people living in your building very angry. A good way to avoid this is to keep an eye on your food when it’s in the microwave.
4. Just assume the weather is going to stay the same. Wear layers so you are ready to conquer any storm that comes your way.
5. Be afraid to use campus resources like the Counseling Center, because sometimes college gets tough and they are there to help.
6. Expect to get a lot of money in return for your textbooks, especially from the bookstore. The real value comes from using it in your class.

These are only a few of the do’s and dont’s of campus. As you discover more on your own, remember to share them with your underclassman friends or classmates.

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