Roommate Survival Guide

 Daniella Sannuti Contributing Writer


For many first time college students living with a roommate might be a totally new experience. Whether it is your first time or not, living with a stranger or a friend can seem stressful. However, if you know how to be a good roommate your year will go smoothly. There are many components to being a good roommate and addressing issues in the room. As long as you follow these tips and tricks, you and your roommate should have a great year together!

Being open and honest with your roommate is one of the most important aspects of getting along. Since you’re already sharing such a close living space with them, why not share how you truly feel about situations? If you feel a particular way about something, always be honest and up front about it. If you don’t like it when your roommate stays up late and watches TV loudly, make sure you let them know as soon as possible. Talking about any issues in the room is better than ignoring them. If you never bring up a problem, how will your roommate know how you feel?

Compromising is a wonderful thing. In life, things won’t always go your way, so learning to compromise is a great tool to ensure everyone’s happiness.  Demanding that your roommate follows all of your rules, but not listening to any of their requests can really put a strain on the relationship. When problems arise, address them and find the best possible solution for the both of you.

When in doubt, ask them how they feel. If you are not sure how your roommate would feel being locked out on a Friday night while you’re having company over, you should not wait until Saturday morning to find out. You can simply ask your roommate what his/her boundaries are. They will not only appreciate the fact that you‚‘re taking the time to consider their feelings, but you’ll also be able to establish from the start what the rules of the room are. If you ever do step over a boundary, apologize and find a way to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Lastly, sharing is only acceptable when both parties are okay with it! Unless otherwise stated, it is not okay to take things from your roommate without permission. Granted, stealing a tissue when you have a cold is alright, but don’t reach for all three of their boxes. Some people may not like to share certain things, such as clothes, so always make sure to ask before borrowing anything. Also, remember to return whatever you borrowed in the same condition you got it in.

Having the opportunity to live with another person may seem scary at first, but it can be extremely rewarding. Learning to live with someone can teach you valuable lessons and if you handle the situations right, you may even be able to create a home away from home!

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