Music Industry Club Hosts Incendiary in Hardcore Show

Adam Lis, Staff Writer

Jordan Reiley
Jordan Reiley
On Saturday, April 20 many Americans celebrated the beloved holiday by partaking in leisure activities and consuming massive amounts of junk food. The select few that made it down to Lee Hall on the SUNY Oneonta campus enjoyed their Saturday by listening and observing the tremendous performance of Long Island’s own, Incendiary. The band recently put out what is one of the most talked about hardcore albums at the moment, entitled “The Cost of Living.”

It is the third installment from the Long Island five-piece and they don’t look to stop producing solid albums anytime soon. The show was put on by the Music Industry Club with support from Oneonta sophomore Jordan Reiley. The bill featured five bands including Oneonta’s own Dirtpope as well as Hudson Valley’s Living Laser. Sinkhole from Binghamton opened the show and After Hours from Poughkeepsie played third.

The show started off with about 30 people for the first hour and more began to pile in during Living Laser’s set, until an average number arrived for Incendiary’s set. The lights dimmed down and the movement and mosh followed. The new album has received great reviews from many music sites and blogs. One can simply not argue that Incendiary doesn’t put on one hell of a live performance either. With so many hardcore bands hailing from the Island such as Backtrack, This is Hell and Stray from the Path you might find yourself asking what makes Incendiary standout? Simple answer—great music and a one-of-a-kind live show. The band plays solid riffs with plenty of breakdowns and lyrics that people will actually care to memorize. It also helps that the album was put out by Closed Casket Activities, a record label from the Albany area who works with other popular hardcore bands such as Harms Way and Xibalba. Needless to say it was a great turnout for the MIC at the end of the year and an amazing show to have on campus here at Oneonta. So if you enjoy heavy music from New York be sure to check out “Cost of Living” by Incendiary.

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