Editorial: Thoughts on a Technology Heavyweight

Steven Underweiser, Social Media Coordinator

I am sure if you go around and ask your friends to take out their phones, the majority will have an iPhone. The Apple craze has taken the world by storm lately. As soon as an Apple product is announced, rumors start up for the next model. Look at Apple’s iPad line; immediately after the third generation iPad got announced last spring, rumors of an improved version started coming out on blogs and various technology websites.

I for one am a huge Apple fan. I use my MacBook and iPhone numerous times each and every day. My friends often comment on how I am attached to my iPhone and “couldn’t live without it.”
Take a look at the numerous websites around about Apple. A major Apple fan site and blog is www.macrumors.com. They have daily updates of Apple products and news regarding product lines, development and rumors.

Apple products are known for their high price tag, ease of use and elegant design. Their new products such as the iPad Mini, fourth generation iPad, MacBook Pro and iPhone 5 are beautifully designed. The sleek, shiny and comfortable enclosures of their products are what make their products stand out from the competition.

I have always wondered though, is the product worth the high price? You can buy an Android smartphone for significantly less. Android tablets are also a bargain when compared to Apple’s pricey iPad. Most Android products meet or exceed the capabilities of Apple’s. Then what is it about Apple’s products that have made them earn billions of dollars? I believe it is their constant need to keep their upcoming products hidden from the world.

A few years ago an unreleased iPhone was found at a bar. This Apple product was never seen before, and this caused quite a stir among Apple fans and technology enthusiasts. Apple immediately started a legal dispute and therefore got press coverage. Their product was being discussed before it had even been released, further causing the tech savvy to want Apple’s new iPhone.
You go ahead and continue to support Apple. I love their products, customer service, support and company. I am even writing this on an Apple computer!

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