Campus Larceny Suspect Apprehended

T-Sgt. Nate Leonard, UPD Columnist

Last week I wrote about the various thefts that have been occurring around campus, specifically the Alumni Field House and Chase PE. After a lengthy investigation, a suspect was arrested on Friday, November 2, 2012 in connection with several of the thefts from the Field House. A search warrant was executed on his residence and numerous stolen items were recovered. Although one suspect has been arrested, please continue to be cautious about leaving any valuables in an unsecured locker or anywhere unattended. These are crimes of opportunity and if you do not present the opportunity to someone then hopefully you will not become a victim!

I also wanted to update you on other arrests that UPD has recently made regarding use of another person’s student ID to purchase items. Several arrests have been made from unauthorized purchases from Shop 24 and other vending machines on campus. When someone takes a student ID card from another, they can be charged with a felony because that card is considered a debit/credit card. The student ID cards have a declining balance of money, therefore making it qualify as a felony charge. One may not realize the full consequences of this action until it is too late and they have a felony arrest on their record for possibly something as minor as buying a candy bar from a vending machine.

On a different note, I wanted to advise everyone of a new tool UPD is using to disseminate information to the Campus Community. UPD has now joined Facebook! Please search the words “NYS University Police at Oneonta” and you should be able to find our page. We hope to use this page as another way of getting information out to the community. Examples of this may be for cancellations, weather emergencies, parking regulation changes, or to inform you of events or activities going on. Please find our page and “like” it so you can receive these updates when they are given. Pass the word along so as many people will be kept informed as possible. If you have any suggestions for our page, and how it can be used, please let us know!

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