Changes to the Cow Path

photo by Dan Linek

Mike Bonanni, Staff Writer

photo by Dan Linek

   Many students who take the Cow Path (or as the school officials refer to it, Golding Path) were surprised to find it undergoing some much needed construction. For the safety of the students, the college decided to take on the task of making nighttime walks down the wooded path behind the Bugbee School a more tolerable experience. Thomas Rathbone, Vice President for Facilities and Safety, leads the helm for this project while continuing the oversight of Fitzelle’s construction.

   The changes being made are simple and only on the bottom half of the Cow Path, so the hill is still a bit of a hike. Some problems with the current Cow Path include poor drainage, lots of uneven and rocky terrain, as well as a severe lack of lighting. In order to correct this, streetlights are being installed and the rugged surface is being paved with concrete. The drainage will also no longer pose a problem due to the installation of a catch basin with rocks similar to what is next to the campus sidewalks around the dining halls. As an added layer of ease onto everyone’s conscious as they walk down, another emergency “blue light” will be added down the Cow Path and there will be the capability of adding on surveillance cameras.

   Though the project was supposed to start in the summer, construction should finish around the end of the first week into October, that is, if the weather isn’t terrible. Currently workers are just starting to pave and the pillars for the streetlights are all set. The current estimated cost of this construction is $200,000. Thankfully the city of Oneonta already helped to pave part of the Cow Path, making everything go smoother. It is also important to note that students are still allowed to use the Cow Path. A temporary pathway is set up and there are a set of lights along the way. However it is recommended that if there is another method of getting into town to take it, whether it’s the bus line or another street. The ground is still gravely and may not be the best place to walk through; especially in the rain.

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