Dubstep a Campus Success

Alex Fredkin, Staff Writer

   The Hunt Union Waterfront was unrecognizable last Friday night. The normally unassuming and modern-looking venue attracted a much different crowd for the dubstep show on March 9, which was the first of its kind on SUNY Oneonta’s campus. The room was totally dark and retrofitted with black lights and a bubble machine. Glow sticks were even given out to complete the rave-inspired ensemble. Guests were treated to a night of pulse-pounding club hits such as Avicii’s “Levels” and Rihanna’s new single “You da One” spun by DJ Nichard Rixon. In addition to dance hits, more electronic and dubstep songs were played from artists such as Skrillex.

   Some chose to jam out in the back of the room, while others made themselves known and flushed the hardwood dance floor. Impromptu conga lines were commonplace, and of course a dance off occurred as people took turns jumping into the middle and showing off their skills. Though crowds fluctuated as Nichard Rixon seamlessly faded in and out of different songs, the best received one of the night by far was Kanye West and Jay-Z’s recent collaboration “N****s in Paris,” which brought everyone together to have a good time.

   The show also featured Oneonta’s own hip hop artist A-Game, whose versatile performance featured some covers and originals as well as a freestyle piece. He played well and got everyone to crowd the stage as he performed. A-Game even spiced up his act when he brought a girl on stage and rapped one on one to her.

   Overall, the Music Industry Club’s experiment was a success. While the turnout fluctuated a bit over the course of the night, the dubstep show was a welcome deviation from the usual pop punk bands that play on campus. Oneonta students have a wide variety of musical tastes, and this was displayed in full effect. Expect more shows of the like to permeate the campus and possibly spread to local bars.

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